Advance Opportunities Fund Group

Funding Solutions for Small and Mid Caps in Asia

Advance Opportunities Fund Group investment objective is to achieve medium to long term capital appreciation through investment in financial instruments that assist small and medium capitalization, publicly-listed companies – often overlooked by investors – in achieving the following:

  • to strengthen and improve their balance sheets;

  • to expand their business domestically and in the region;

  • restructuring and reorganization;

  • to regain their commercial and industry competitiveness;

  • to rationalize their corporate capital structures to create value to shareholders;

  • to support recently listed companies which may experience difficulty in raising funds from the secondary market post-listing.

To achieve the above, the Fund may provide funding solutions to companies that facilitate working capital requirements, business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, reverse takeovers, management by objective, debt restructuring, as well as capital market-sourced initial public offerings, secondary placements and arbitrage trades using a combination of debt and equity securities.

Valuable Partnership

AOF Group aims to bridge the funding gap by providing capital to corporates that are cut off from traditional sources of funding. For over 15 years, AOF’s manager, via its partnerships has been actively investing in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR and Australia. We are constantly looking to diversify out of our current market exposures and will consider jurisdictions that will approve and accept our programs both from regulatory and shareholders perspectives.


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